Shipping And Return Policy


We currently offer these shipping methods:


  1. Delivery 
  2. Shipping using our carrier 
  3. Pickup

Delivery Zones:

  • Greater Montreal Area
  • GTA Toronto


Delivery Times:

  • 1 -2 Business Days


Pickup Locations:

  • Montreal Location (7550 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1E7)
  • Toronto Location – (825 Denison St Unit 2, Markham, ON L3R 5E4) ( provide 2 business days advance notice)




Processing Time: 1-2 Business days

Shipping Time, based on Provinces / State

  • Ontario : 1 to 3 Business days
  • Quebec : 1 to 3 Business days
  • Alberta : 2 to 5 Business days
  • British Columbia : 2 to 6 Business days
  • Manitoba : 2 to 4 Business days
  • New Brunswick : 2 to 5 Business days
  • Newfoundland and Labrador : 2 to 5 Business days
  • Nova Scotia : 2 to 5 Business days
  • Prince Edward Island : 2 to 5 Business days
  • Saskatchewan : 2 to 4 Business days
  • New York : 2 to 4 Business days
  • New Jersey : 2 to 4 Business days
  • Florida : 3 to 6 Business days
  • Rest Of USA : 3 to 8 Business days

Flat Rate Shipping Cost Range, based on Provinces / State and Order Total Amount ( before taxes)

Province/ State $ Range Depending on Order Total
Ontario $ 40 to $ 800
Quebec $ 40 to $ 800
Newfoundland and Labrador $ 60 to $ 1000
Nova Scotia $ 60 to $ 1000
Prince Edward Island $ 60 to $ 1000
New Brunswick $ 60 to $ 1000
British Columbia $ 100 to $ 1200
Alberta $ 100 to $ 1200
Saskatchewan $ 100 to $ 1200
Manitoba $ 100 to $ 1200
Connecticut $ 40 to $ 800
Maine $ 40 to $ 800
Massachusetts $ 40 to $ 800
New Hampshire $ 40 to $ 800
New Jersey $ 40 to $ 800
New York $ 40 to $ 800
Pennsylvania $ 40 to $ 800
Rhode Island $ 40 to $ 800
Vermont $ 40 to $ 800
District of Colombia $ 40 to $ 800
Illinois $ 60 to $ 1000
Indiana $ 60 to $ 1000
Iowa $ 60 to $ 1000
Kansas $ 60 to $ 1000
Michigan $ 60 to $ 1000
Minnesota $ 60 to $ 1000
Missouri $ 60 to $ 1000
Nebraska $ 60 to $ 1000
North Dakota $ 60 to $ 1000
Ohio $ 60 to $ 1000
South Dakota $ 60 to $ 1000
Wisconsin $ 60 to $ 1000
Alabama $ 60 to $ 1000
Arkansas $ 60 to $ 1000
Delaware $ 60 to $ 1000
Florida $ 60 to $ 1000
Georgia $ 60 to $ 1000
Kentucky $ 60 to $ 1000
Louisiana $ 60 to $ 1000
Maryland $ 60 to $ 1000
Mississippi $ 60 to $ 1000
North Carolina $ 60 to $ 1000
South Carolina $ 60 to $ 1000
Tennessee $ 60 to $ 1000
Virginia $ 60 to $ 1000
West Virginia $ 60 to $ 1000
New Mexico $ 100 to $ 1200
Arizona $ 100 to $ 1200
Colorado $ 100 to $ 1200
Utah $ 100 to $ 1200
Oklahoma $ 100 to $ 1200
California $ 100 to $ 1200
Idaho $ 100 to $ 1200
Montana $ 100 to $ 1200
Nevada $ 100 to $ 1200
Oregon $ 100 to $ 1200
Washington $ 100 to $ 1200
Wyoming $ 100 to $ 1200
Alaska $ 100 to $ 1200
Texas $ 100 to $ 1200
Hawaii $ 500 to $ 2200


Utilizing our business relationships with the carriers enables us to offer you the industry’s most competitive freight rates. 


Please Note: Under no circumstances, whether it’s your carrier or our recommended carrier, we shall be held responsible for any freight damages or shortage that occurs after merchandise was picked up from the dock.


All freight charges calculated on the site are estimated only. Charges quoted for “Standard Service” where freight is delivered to your dock. No special services as “inside delivery” “Expedite/guaranteed Service” are assumed at that time.


All our items are brand new and come in original manufacturer packaging.

As our client, you have the choice to choose the shipment method. We will advise you on the most cost-effective way so you can save time and money.


Our prices are determined (not estimated), so you can be sure of the total cost. Since every computerized system has errors, VOGUE DECOR reserves the right to change the shipping charges even after the order was made. In that case, the customer will have to approve the new shipping charge before the order had been finalized.

In some instances, it may not be possible to receive a shipping quote on the site. Depends on the product, size of the order, and destination postal code.


VOGUE DECOR carefully inspects all the finished products prior to the shipment. Any shipment shortage or damage should be noted before accepting the shipment. Refusal to accept goods will not relieve the purchaser of responsibility for payment and filing related claims.


All ordered goods held by VOGUE DECOR over 30 days will be invoiced, and storage charge may apply after the goods holding after 30 days from originally scheduled shipment date, unless such arrangement is agreed by VOGUE DECOR.


In case of freight differences, we will notify you prior to processing your credit card. Transit times depend on the destination postal code and are estimated only. We are NOT ABLE to guarantee transit time to your location. Please contact our customer service for more information.


Orders shipped via trucking company are shipped “tailgate” when delivery is to a business with dock height facilities. If there are no dock on-premises, the truck will park in the designated loading zone nearby. Customers are responsible for unloading freight from the truck within 30 minutes of truck arrival.


Liftgate service, Limited Access Delivery, Residential Delivery, “inside delivery” are available in most cases. Please remember to ask for it when placing an order since these services have to be scheduled with the freight company. Extra charges WILL apply for these services.


We reserve the right to bill you for shipping charges on refused shipments and any extra shipping charges as mentioned in our shipping appendix.



Delivery Time

Otherwise stated, all our items ship out in 1-3 business days. Custom orders may require a longer lead time of 8-12 weeks, depending on the specific items. If time is a concern please contact us for an approximated delivery date. In some cases, we can also assist you with “time-critical” orders.


Shipping Damages and Freight Claims

Our furniture is undergoing QC inspections before shipping to ensure you receive exactly what you ordered with no damages or exceptions. Utilizing major LTL trucking companies, we understand that damages or shortages may occur. 

When a carrier takes possession of a shipment, they sign and acknowledge receiving the product in good order. Once they take possession, we are no longer responsible for the condition of the product(s) at the time of delivery. 


All common carrier deliveries require a signature. It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the shipment prior to acceptance. 


If there is visible damage (i.e. Forklift punctures; shrink wrap is broken, torn, and boxes are missing) then the customer must note the damage on the bill of lading. If you have no time to inspect the boxes upon delivery, please note the following on the Bill of Lading: “Boxes are subject to inspection at the time of delivery. 


Customer will notify the carrier of pending damage within 24 hours.” This gives you time to look over the product, yet allows the carrier to know that possible damage may have occurred before you took possession of it. It is the responsibility of the customer to fill a damage claim with the carrier, can help you file the claim on your behalf. The carrier will reimburse the customer for their loss.


  • Please inspect everything before you sign the delivery receipt from the carrier (items/boxes & pallets)
  • If you think that there’s possible damage, clearly note everything on the delivery receipt. Be precise and provide facts, not opinions. 
    • keep a copy of the delivery receipt
    • take picture(s) and document the damage and send it to
    • contact us within 24 hours
    • If you are not ready to inspect the items upon arrival, please note on the delivery receipt: “subject for inspection”      
  • If these steps are not followed, we cannot guarantee any compensation for damages.
  • After these steps are followed, we will get replacement items to you immediately, free of charge.  Sometimes replacement items will not be sent to you until the supplier receives the damaged goods. is always on your side and will work hard to make every return fast and painless.

USA Shipments

Orders shipped into the USA may incur additional duties, taxes, and other fees to cross the border. These charges ARE INCLUDED with the shipping costs at checkout.

Orders shipped via common carrier require a broker to facilitate the import of your items into the USA. If you did not provide your broker’s information during checkout, we would contact you to obtain this before processing your order.

We aim to ship orders to the USA in one shipment, but it is not always possible due to stock levels in our warehouses. If we cannot ship your order in one complete shipment, you will be responsible for any additional brokerage fees.



Color/Texture Disclaimer

Colors, swatches, stains, and textures may appear a bit different on specific browsers and computer monitors due to photographic, internet & computer inaccuracies and many other factors beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the product colors, textures, stains and grains you see displayed on this site are perfectly accurate. When you place an order, you are accepting the limitations inherent in not directly viewing samples. Your completion of an order constitutes your waiver of any claim you may have due to dissatisfaction with the product colors, textures, stains and grains. If you would like to see firsthand materials, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you samples.


Shipping Appendix

The definition of freight accessories or fees you may encounter are as follows:

  • Lift Gate: The truck will be equipped with a platform to bring your delivery to the ground. This is recommended if you have no commercial dock or forklift.
  • Inside Delivery: The freight company will bring your order to the threshold of your establishment. They will not traverse the stairs. In the case of stairs, they will bring your order to your flight of stairs and no further.
  • Limited Access Delivery: Limited access, in this case, refers to places with traditionally limited access- Schools, hospitals, churches, and other institutions of this sort may apply. If you are unsure if your delivery will incur this fee, please ask.
  • Residential Delivery: If you are a residential customer, living in a residential neighborhood this charge is required for delivery. This charge may also be levied if your business is primarily in a residential neighborhood, or surrounded by houses.
  • White-Glove Service: This service is when the delivery company will not only bring all items into your store but will unpack and assemble the items if required. This service is never offered unless specifically requested and paid for in advance. This service CANNOT be added to orders already in transit.
  • Detention Fee: If the driver is detained past your allotted time for delivery functions, you may be liable for a detention fee. In agreeing to this policy, you agree to this fee if required.
  • Redelivery Fee: If an order must be redelivered for any reason you may be liable for a delivery fee. In agreeing to this policy you agree to this fee if required.
  • Re-consignment Fee: If you are changing the delivery address of an order that is already in transit, you may be liable for a re-consignment fee. In agreeing to this policy you agree to this fee if required.
  • Storage Fee: If your order must be stored at any point during the delivery outside of the expected delivery schedule you may be liable for storage fees. In agreeing to this policy you agree to this fee if required.
  • Paras Fail: For international orders, if your custom documents are not in proper order you may be charged this fee. It arises when customs documents are incorrect, not in proper order, or missing entirely. In agreeing to this policy you agree to this fee if required.
  • Appointment Fee: The making of a specific drop off appointment may cost extra, depending on the shipping company. Should an appointment be placed with the shipping company they will usually charge this fee.



Cancellation of an order is possible prior to the production or packaging of the items ordered. 

Custom made products, specifically custom booths (using upholstery materials, special stains or finishes, size or shapes) cannot be returned or canceled at any point because they were manufactured based on your specifications. 

You may be able to cancel or return items that are “stock items”. All cancellation requests must be done in writing and emailed to – please ensure you province/state your order # in the email.

Returning or canceling an order with “stock-items”, involves a restocking fee of 30%. This also applies to orders which were packaged but were canceled prior to shipping. In case of a return, you will forfeit all shipping expenses paid by you. Many of our products are offered with free shipping. 

Please be aware that if you return one of these products our actual outbound shipping costs will be deducted from your return refund. All items must be returned in the original manufacturer’s boxes and will be inspected at the time of arrival. You will also be responsible for packing the items, and the cost of doing so. 

Therefore, is your responsibility to keep the original manufacturer’s boxes and packing materials. In case of damage to the returned product, you will be charged the item’s full price as appears on the original order. Even if we mistakenly ship the wrong product, you are still responsible for packing the items on pallets for the return shipment.

Color/Texture Disclaimer: Stains may appear different on certain browsers and colors may not be accurate and textures may not be properly visualized as a result of photographic, Internet & computer inaccuracies and many other factors beyond our control. 


  • Custom Table Tops.
  • Custom Chairs and Stools.
  • Custom Booths.
  • Any quick ship item that has a frame color that has been altered to be different from the standard color as requested on the project.
  • Used, Scratched, Damaged, Altered Products are unable to be returned.
  • Items must be in the original box or packaging.
  • Proper attention and care must be placed to avoid damages from the carrier during the return transit time.



Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the product colors, textures, and stains & grains you see displayed on this site are perfectly accurate.

WHEN YOU PLACE AN ORDER, you are accepting the limitations inherent in not directly viewing samples. Absent your obtaining such samples, your completion of an order constitutes your waiver of any claim you may have due to dissatisfaction with the product colors, textures, stains & grains. If you would like to see firsthand materials (fabrics, vinyl, wood finishes, metal swatches) please contact us and we will be happy to provide you samples. 

Please contact customer service for more information.

Re-Ordering: We reserve the right to change our color panels from time to time. In case of a re-order, it is the customer’s responsibility to re-confirm the color by ordering a swatch. We will not be held liable for color variations. When requested, the swatch will be sent free of charge.



We offer a 1 year limited warranty


Payment Terms:


You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, or by check, or wire transfer.


When orders are placed online, the payment will be held as “pending authorization” and You card will be charged ONLY WHEN THE ITEMS GET SHIPPED, and not before. 


All orders must be paid in full before the items are shipped.