If you can Imagine it?
We can Make it!

All our booths are custom made here in Canada, and is catered to your specific restaurant needs. Made with high quality durable material. You can reach us via Phone or using our contact form here: Contact Us Page


If you can Imagine it?
We can make it!?

One is contemporary. One is classic. Both are beautiful in their own right. Learn about the shared innovation that puts them lightyears ahead of anything else on the market — and discover the details that make them different.

Fabric Types

Commercial graded vinyl or microfiber PU synthetic leather.

What are the most common sizes they get

Usually it is best the booth is 48 inch long 24-26 inch wide and 40-42 inch tall from floor to back height. Seat hight from floor to should be 18-19 inches.

What color options do you have?

We usually have black, grey, brown, tan, red, blue in stock. Any other colours required can be matched or be found a colour 90% + similar to it. ( represent these in color circles?)

Shape options

Usually a booth back going on the wall or back to back is 90 degrees. The seating shape angle is more or less 95 degrees. Usually booths go straight on the wall, have corners or are set up face to face.


Where are booths made?

They are made in Canada

What is the average
time to deliver?

We use also high density foam for the seat.

printed chair two

what is the
inside material options?

Depending on the order size, but delivery time is usually 2 weeks from time the order is placed

How much does it cost
for a booth?

Usually pricing is done by square foot. A regular booth with no design starts at 160$ a foot and goes up to depending customization of design.

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